This week, an anti-consumer bill about airline pricing was marked up by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Amazingly, the bill was introduces with bipartisan backing from some of the Democrats’ supposedly top consumer-friendly legislators. The bipartisan cabal of representatives added a most Orwellian name to the bill, “The Airfare Transparency Act of 2014.” This bill does nothing to help transparency. It only allows airlines to make understanding the full price of travel more difficult.

This proposed bill takes out truth in advertising and allows airlines free reign to create confusion in advertising. Why can’t the aviation industry simply tell the truth about their pricing instead of playing games.

Yesterday, a group of Representatives introduced the Transparent Airfares Act of 2014. This bill is a major step backwards for consumers and the sponsors of this bill, from both sides of the aisle, have simply not thought through what they are proposing. And, the airline lobbyists, intent on finding ways to make airline pricing more obscure, are flogging a dead horse that has been killed at least three times over the past three years.

As the consumer representative on this Advisory Committee on Aviation Consumer Protections, I welcome everyone who is attending this meeting. Today we are discussing important topics that influence travel. Posters First, getting the word out to travelers about their rights is an ongoing education process. However, right now the education is taking place with notices […]

CTA submits these comments on behalf of itself and its more than 30,000 constituents. Our interest is in preserving competition in the airline marketplace and in maintaining the ability to comparison shop across airlines. CTA has also signed onto comments submitted by the American Antitrust Institute.